Why Write?

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I’ve been thinking about writing. About the process. About the reasons. And about the wisdom. As so often happens, when I start thinking seriously about something that topic comes up in a variety of different places. Today alone I’ve heard or read these things. They are not only challenges but encouragements.

– We need to be passionate about words. Why? Because God is all about Words. The Father speaks the Word. The Son is the Word. And the Spirit helps us to understand the Word.
– We need to be masters of our language. Why? Because we are to speak to the world. We present the gospel in words. And because words are a gift and a tool to be used and wielded.
– A writer can come from anywhere. Someone with the right words can make a boring day more interesting than an intrepid explorer who can’t string two words together.
– Writing changes the world. Every word spoken changes the world. How much more will the written word do so? Even if only one person reads something, their life will be changed by it.
– Writing can help people to access things inside themselves they didn’t even know existed. It can also help to remind people. 
– We write for future generations. Peter Leithart says this (and more): ‘We fix what we know in a written text so that the unborn will have cause to worship.  Every written text is a prayer book, a missal and a breviary for the future.’

As Christians, seeing the beauty and power of the written word is so important. It’s a great gift and one, like all gifts, that we need to strive to master for the glory of the King.