Servant leadership – a real life example

We talk and hear about servant leadership a great deal. I was listening to a sermon about it only the other Sunday.
I’ve been in hospital for the last two weeks and, when I’m there and I can, I go to St Paul’s, the Holy Trinity Brompton plant at Onslow Square. I very much enjoy it there especially because they have great music. But I digress. On that Sunday I took Esther along and we heard this sermon on servant leadership. We got back to the hospital and didn’t talk about it much more. Halfway through the afternoon we heard a knock on my door and a small old lady came in. She introduced herself as Margaret, one of the members of the hospital chaplaincy team. I wasn’t meant to go out of my room unless I was going outside the hospital building so wasn’t able to make it to the hospital service and so Margaret gave me a prayer card and assured me that they would pray for me at the service. She then left and Esther remarked on what a sweet lovely person she was. I asked Esther if she knew who that was and Esther replied that she didn’t. I told her that that sweet lovely old lady was in fact Professor Margaret Hodson, lead Cystic Fibrosis Professor in the UK and that she volunteered for the hospital chaplaincy service on Sundays.
Servant leadership indeed.