A train journey

I sit on the train, staring out of the window at the countryside speeding past me. Trees, flowers, lakes, hills. So much beauty. So much creativity. I love the patterns that the combination of cloud and sun creates on the green grass in front of me. But only for a millisecond. It races past and I find myself seeing picture after picture, landscape after landscape. Some prettier than others, some more inspiring than others.

We stop at a station and I’m filled with interest at another part of life. People flood onto the train. Different people with different faces, minds, stories. I don’t know them, don’t know who they are, what they’re thinking. Except for the lady who’s just missed the train. I think I can guess her thoughts.

We start moving again and I delight in watching other people. I give them names and lives. I write stories for them. And yet I know that I can never capture them. They are as complicated as I. They have tastes, dreams, thoughts, whole lives that I can never imagine. The smallness of my mind, of my imaginings amazes me. I could sit here all day and ponder one person and I wouldn’t even begin to scratch the surface.

Some people are frustrated by how much humans still don’t know. I can see why but it doesn’t frustrate me. It excites me. I love learning. The thought of getting to the end of knowledge is a scary thing. A sad thing. That’s why I love that I serve a God who is unfathomable. I love the thought that we can spend forever learning more about him and never get to the end. If you think you’re clever, look at God. If you think you know a lot, look at God. It’s humbling and inspiring. Know your limits. Know your weakness. Know your potential. Know your God.