Forgetting my blessings

A ray of evening sunlight and lovely flowers make for a peaceful still life. Not so peaceful is the noise of the neighbours’ TV coming through the wall. They like action films. I do not. 

I’ve lost a decent proportion of my hearing due to antibiotics and I will probably continue to lose more and more. The idea that I could go deaf scares me. My days are filled with listening to things because I’m not well enough to do much else. I ask God over and over to spare my hearing. And then…. I hear the noise from next door and get annoyed about it. 

It shouldn’t surprise me that I forget my blessings so easily. But I do. Again and again. Perhaps it will be easier to remember if I say it out loud. Here goes: I am grateful for the noise coming through my walls. It tells me that I can still hear things, that I have the joy and responsibility of having neighbours, that I am blessed enough to live in a house, and that I have the luxury of so much quiet that I notice when there is noise. 

Thank you, Lord, for your good gifts, even though I am slow to recognise them as such.

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