The weakness of today

It’s a back-in-pyjamas-by-5pm, body yelling at me to just stop trying to do the next thing kind of day. I’m not often very good at listening to my body (though I’m excellent at telling other people to listen to theirs!). I always want to keep doing things because in my mind, doing things = being useful.

It’s one of the hardest lessons God is teaching me through CF: His view of useful and worthwhile is different to my own. He’s given me a body that needs a lot of rest and can’t do a lot of ‘normal’ things and yet all His promises count for me as well. I’m tempted to think that I can be worthwhile despite my weakness, yet He tells me I can be worthwhile even in my weakest moments. How? Because His power is made perfect in weakness. 

It’s more obvious to me than most – I can’t live life by myself. I mean, half the time I can’t even get my own jeans off at the end of the day. Being weak makes me see my need. And when I see my need, He is there to fill it. Father, Saviour, Breath-giver. Comforter. Protector. Burden-bearer. .

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