Dancing With My Washing

Rain is in the air. I can feel it, feel the dampness around. I can see it, see the huge, dark clouds rolling in overhead. I can almost taste it. It’s there. A few moments ago the sun was brightly shining, making me believe in Spring. Now it has gone. I sit and watch the washing bounce around. It was sunbathing, now it is engaged in a swift, moving dance. I’ve learned things in life. I know that if I leave the washing, it will get wet and need to be done again. Blessed experience! Saving work, saving time, saving my temper for something more worthwhile.
But I haven’t really learned. I sit for just a moment longer. Just one more moment, savouring my comfy chair, my tasty fruit drink, my book and the images that fly before me, my washing’s crazy dance. And then I see it. The darkening of tiny spots on the patio. More appear and I leap up, abandoning my comfort for practicality. I do my own crazy dance, joining the washing in creating movement. Perhaps it’s not stageworthy but it adds to my own dance of life. It’s in, mostly dry. And I go back to my chair, my drink and my book. Adding more washing to the pile and more experience to my life.

2 thoughts on “Dancing With My Washing

  1. Have you read Richard Wilbur's poem “Love Calls Us to the Things of This World”? This is beautiful and it reminds me of his poem. Thanks for posting!


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