Reason to breathe

As I’ve got more ill over the past few weeks it’s been more difficult to breathe. Sometimes I just sit and have to concentrate on breathing in and breathing out. I’ve got to admit, at times like these it’s hard to believe that there’s a reason for all this. I’m pretty sure there is but it sure ain’t fun.

People often ask me how I stay positive or how I keep going. My answer is that there is no choice. I can’t just give up. I have to keep going and I may as well be positive about it most of the time.

Having said that, there are times when the last thing I feel like doing is being positive. Especially over the last 2 weeks as I’ve been back in hospital. I’ve had times when I’ve been so angry at everything, at my illness, at my pathetic lungs, at my lot in life and, yes, even at my God for allowing this all to happen. At least, for allowing this to happen to me. It’s easy to feel sorry for someone else when they’re ill but then you move on with your life and it doesn’t actually affect you that much. But when it’s you, that’s a whole different thing. And you have big questions that you think deserve answers right here, right now. And not getting those answers is hard. Really hard. But you have to keep going. You have no choice. You can’t just give up. And you may as well be positive about it.

And so when I sit there struggling to breathe, I need to remember that Jesus has been here first. That he struggled to breathe because he was dying on a cross for the sins of other people. That it was part of the plan for him and it sure wasn’t fun. And that I’m struggling to breathe because I too am part of that great plan. No, I’m not dying for the same reason but I can still stand with Jesus and say, ‘Father, not my will but yours be done.’ And I can say that knowing that his will is far greater and better than mine. I don’t know why right now but someday I will and I have no doubt that I’ll look back and exclaim with wonder and joy, ‘THAT was my reason to breathe.’

3 thoughts on “Reason to breathe

  1. Dearest Ruth,
    You do not know me, but I know of you through mutual friends in Idaho and Virginia. Please know that I am praying for you. You are a brave girl and I thank you for giving me added courage to deal with my own “thorn” that God has ordained for me. Blessings to you and your family as you seek our Lord for healing and comfort. With love, Katie Hurt


  2. What an encouragement to read this post as I'm awaiting diagnosis for my own illness! I know that God has brought me through much in the past, so I can trust him. But it is so much harder to put it into practice when I can't see God's plan in it all. Thank you for sharing!


  3. Hi Ruth

    Happy new year: praying that your health is ok and that you will know His comfort and grace in the weeks and months ahead.

    Emma (moonlighting as Glen)


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